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Best Isotonic Drink

August 17th, 2008 No comments

H³0 Isotonic Drink is the next generation of hydration providing 1) rapid hydration, 2) sustained energy plus 3) antioxidant protection so you feel to stay energized all day long! The advantages over other Isotonic drinks are:

Isomaltulose is a naturally derived source of sugar that acts as the key carbohydrate in H3O Proâ„¢, providing immediate and sustained energy to prevent unwanted performance dips – it won’t create a quick spike and crash in energy as some sports drinks do.

H3O Proâ„¢ is 3 x higher in potassium. Potassium is essential for water and electrolyte balance throughout the body and helps support muscle function.

H3O Proâ„¢ is 12 x higher in calcium – essential for bone health and also contains magnesium. The combination of both magnesium and calcium are great for muscle function especially for muscle cramps during/after exercise.

Contains 15% RDA of five energy releasing B-vitamins to help the body to absorb the nutrients in H3O Proâ„¢ to power your performance.

H3O Proâ„¢ contains key antioxidants vitamins C & E and mixed tocopherals – a powerful combination to help protect the body’s tissues and immune system against the potentially damaging effects of free radicals often induced during exercise.

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